Migrate your website

to HubSpot CMS just for 1159*

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Migrate Non-Hubspot Website to HubSpot CMS

Want to receive a similar website to your existing site, but on the HubSpot CMS? Or relaunch outdated or underperforming pages with brand new design on HubSpot CMS? We will try to replicate your website without losing any functionality!


HubSpot Migration Process

Initial Consultation
Fill the form for a free initial consultation. You provide list of pages or posts you want to migrate. After analyzing the project, you will receive a one-hour consultation and be provided solutions for your project.
Summarize all the discussed details, we will agree project delivery deadlines and prepare all needed documents to sign.
Web Development
After all the documents signed and we received the HubSpot CMS access - our web development team starts to work.
Delivery and test
WebDev team provide all the pages. You will have two rounds of revisions, after we add needed changes.
Going live!
Actually this is all, when all the pages approved, we set them live!

HubSpot Website Migration Solution include:

that you will be able to use to further site extension
Templates & migration
Up to 10 page templates & content migration for 15 pages
All website pages recreation on HubSpot CMS**
Special price
2 months of project support with a huge discount***
that you will be able to use to further site extension

* +23% VAT

** all pages with 10 templates, in case more templates needed - it will be additional cost

*** 39 /h instead of 59 /h


What will my new HubSpot website look like?
We will build a website with a similar look and feel, using your non-HubSpot website design. The new site will have all the features (if possible) of your original non-HubSpot site.
Will you migrate my entire website?
We will build a theme and up to 10 page templates. In most cases, this is more than enough for most websites. But in case you need additional templates - we will be able to provide them to you for an additional fee (you will have a special discount*** for this work).
Will you migrate the content of the pages?
Yes, we will migrate up to 15 pages, others we will price separately (but in most cases it will be 30 minutes of additional work per page).
How much will the entire process cost?
The full process will cost 1159 euros + 23% VAT. If additional work is required, it will be charged extra.
Can you migrate WordPress site to the HubSpot
Sure, we can migrate site to the HubSpot from the WordPress CMS, so as from any other CMS you use.
Is the HubSpot price included in the migration process?
No, the HubSpot price is paid directly to HubSpot, from our side we handling the migration process.
Are you working only with EU projects?
No, we are woking with the projects around the world.
You can visit the page with pricing for United States or Canada
The pricing in other currencies: 1145 CHF + VAT, 1895 AUD + VAT.
In case you need price for other currency - just let us know!