Social media marketing

Let yourself be found. Show how you operate. Retain for the long term. Build relationships


Let relationships be your strength. We will help you build them.

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Build long-term relationships

Social media - this is where your customers are

Nearly half of users search social media for information about companies and services.
Don't leave them empty-handed.
Make your profile generate leads and become an integral part of your sales efforts.
LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and even TikTok - let us guide your social media to where your customers are.
Follow your audience on their social channels

What can social media marketing give you?


Why integrate social media into your marketing and sales processes? Because that's where your customers are waiting for you. There are more and more new channels of communication, but the more mature ones, such as Facebook and Youtube, are still not going out of style, at most changing their specifics or functionality for their users. The number of users and time spent on social media continues to grow worldwide. As time goes by, however, we want to use our time in front of the screen more and more efficiently, devoting it to getting to the information that is of value to us. The user groups entering adulthood are more likely to use social media to find information rather than Google. 

A company that does not want to fall behind its competitors must be ready for all these changes in users' habits. Therefore, a company profile is no longer just an add-on to a website, it is a full-fledged communication and social selling tool. Properly selected and regular publications will help you get noticed and gain customer trust. Create content that answers his problems and he will keep coming back to you. 

However, managing a B2B company's social media is no small task. Reclaim time for your business, and entrust social media marketing to us. We will take comprehensive care of your company's presence on LinkedIn, Facebook Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. We will help identify those channels that will be most effective for you. Together we will develop a publication calendar and take care of preparing and publishing content - videos, graphics, animations and texts.

What can we do for you?

A comprehensive approach to social media marketing





  • Choose the most effective communication channels.
  • Develop a communication strategy.
  • Add catchy slogans and hashtags.

Profile management



  • Coordinate and differentiate the message you create on different channels.
  • Don't miss important interactions on your profile.
  • Always keep your data and information up to date.

Publication Calendar



  • Prepare a customized publishing plan with us.
  • Publish regularly to build a community.
  • Find the days and times that generate the best coverage.

Content marketing



  • Publish valuable content that will attract and retain your audience.
  • Promote material and drive traffic to your website.
  • Ensure substantive copy in each publication.

Graphic creations



  • Opt for an eye-catching layout. 
  • Create clear and effective content assets.
  • Ensure a consistent visual message for your brand.




  • Ensure the highest quality, clear message and appropriate formats. Maintain a consistent visual identity. 
  • Create video formats with us that achieve your business goals.
  • Put your materials in the hands of professionals.
  • We will edit and prepare your videos for publication.
  • We will make the video for you - we will take care of all the details, from the script to the right format and reaching your customers.




  • Gain full knowledge of the effectiveness of your online activities.
  • Learn which channels are generating quality traffic to your site.
  • Improve your strategy, tactics and ongoing activities to generate leads even more effectively.

Advertising campaigns



  • Are you putting a lot of energy into working on content that doesn't reach your audience?
  • Do you feel like you're burning through your budget and your campaigns are only cranking out good reach? 
  • Do you want to reach specific groups of users on their favorite social channels? 
  • We will prepare effective single or multi-channel campaigns for you, take care of optimization, A/B testing, proving results and preparing comprehensive reports.