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Our team combines unique and multi-faceted experience for the IT market. As a result, there are no impossible tasks for us in website development, marketing or martech.

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Adam Małachowski
Adam Małachowski

Helping customers to define their digital approach, strategy, shifts in their operations, productivity and innovations.

Pszemyslaw Seliga

Information Technology and Services Professional. Experienced traveler. Lives in Austria.

Piotr Przytuła
Marketing Lead

the Ursynow citizen 😉 

10+  years in marketing. Can help you with Digital marketing & Strategy, Content & Video Marketing, SMM & Communication Development and so on. Just ask.

Max Vorozhtsov
Max Vorozhtsov
Front-end Lead

10+ years of experience in WebDev. Studied chemistry in Kiev and Alghorithms at Stanford. Speaks 5 languages, reads 30 books a year, invests in HubSpot & thinks he could survive a zombie-apocalypse

Julia Rajs
Marketing & Web Designer

Experienced designer. Create awesome look for our marketing tasks.

Patryk Majewski
Marketing Automation Specialist

Provides full cycle marketing automation services for our clients.

Nastassia Kanavalava
Nastassia Kanavalava
Front-end Developer

Works as front-end developer, but the real calling is saving the planet

Olha Vorozhtsova
Olha Vorozhtsova
Web Designer

Experienced designer, who created the marketing look for one of the biggest ed-techs in Eastern Europe, so now her wish to work in calm atmosphere is fulfilled.

Helena Markowska-Fulara

Creates, puts into words, edits, and translates content. Likes accurate wording and commas in the right place.

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