Branding & Identity

Let yourself be seen well. Let yourself be remembered.


Visual elements are responsible for first impressions and for the long-term perception of your company. When they are followed by a consistent brand message, such a whole is hard to resist.

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How to be recognized?

Branding & Identity - the power of identity

A consistent visual identity that fits the nature of your business and is aesthetically pleasing is the foundation on which you will build your brand recognition. However, branding is not just about what you can see, but also about the consistent message and emotions that go along with it. That's why we provide a comprehensive approach to building your brand awareness.
What can building a strong brand give you?

Sell in B2B with a strong brand


Branding is not just a nice addition to a product. It is a force that realistically helps sales. With a recognizable brand, you will be taken into account in purchasing processes, reduce marketing costs and increase the success rate. Branding allows you to become a safe choice and a desirable business partner. 

To attract attention, to stand out from the competition, to build a brand image that will make customers stay with you for a long time - these are the goals that every businessman sets for himself. Good brand awareness is an invaluable advantage in the business world. However, its construction is a long-term process that requires consideration of many elements. Branding activities are better not left to intuition.

Name, logo and slogan - these verbal-visual elements are the first line of contact with the customer. They must not only have aesthetic value, but also fit into the company's communication strategy. Key visual will connect the message across all communication channels: website, social media and advertising materials. Let your color and shape play out in graphics and video, and make it memorable to your audience.

Whether you are launching a new venture or just need a refresh, we will prepare a branding strategy for you. We will design a logo and propose a main graphic theme. We will consistently implement your visual identity, both in the digital world, on the website and social media, and in the analog world. Our designs, taking into account the specifics of B2B business, will build awareness of your brand as a professional and opinion leader in your field.

What can we do for your branding?

A brand refined in every detail





  • We will analyze your brand situation, including the competitive environment, to prepare a branding action plan.
  • We will create a comprehensive visual identity for your brand from scratch or subject the current face of your company to a rebranding process.
  • Together we will make sure that the recipients will never pass by your brand indifferently.




  • We will create a unique logo for you to make your brand memorable to your audience.
  • We will carry out a rebranding of your brand to refresh it and delight your audience with a new look.
  • We will make sure that your logotype will forever be remembered by your audience and evoke positive associations.

Key Visual



  • We will take care of the consistency of your brand identity. We will create it from scratch or conduct a full rebranding.
  • We will prepare for you creations and content assets in accordance with your Brand Book.

Web design



  • We will create a UX and UI functional web design or landing page for you - fitting in with your brand identity
  • We will revamp your current landing pages to make them look, perform and convert.
  • We'll not only take care of the aesthetics, but also the analytics and detailing to make all your pages pixel perfect.

Social media



  • We will take care of your brand's visual identity on social media, creating high-quality graphic materials tailored to each of SoMe's channels.
  • We will create a brand hero for you to accompany your customers on their shopping journey.
  • We will integrate the visual identity in all channels where your brand is present. 
  • We will prepare advertising creations, infographics, take care of the aesthetics of assets and clarity of messages in posts. 
  • Together we will create attractive content that will engage your audience.



  • We will help you work out what types of video and what formats will work best for your business.
  • We will produce high quality video with you or edit, brand and prepare your content for publication.

Content marketing



  • Become an opinion leader with professional content marketing.
  • Generate leads through testimonials from satisfied customers.