Agenda Free Documentation

Agenda Free module

last update 08.08.2023 (v1.0)

Created by Max Vorozhtsov (UX & Front-end) & Olha Vorozhtsova (Designed by)


Agenda free module requires at least one of the next HubSpot plans:

  • Free Tools & CRM
  • CMS Hub: Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Marketing Hub: Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Sales Hub: Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Service Hub: Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Operations Hub: Starter, Professional, or Enterprise


  1. Install the module into your the HubSpot instance from the HubSpot marketplace. 
  2. choose the website / landing page where you want to place the module
  3. enter the page editor
  4. find the Agenda Free module in the "Add" tab and drag'n'drop module into the Landing / Website page content.


  • HTML (with Hubl)
  • CSS

In this module there was no additional JS


  • Styles Tab
    • changing the font colors
    • changing the decoration colors
    • changing the presenter photo border radius
    • possibility to add the max-width to the content
    • possibility to change the event description width (desktop version only)
    • possibility to change the padding top and padding bottom for the full agenda block
  • Content tab
    • Top contant change
      • Event title turn on/off
      • Event title edition
      • Event description turn on/off
      • Event description edition
    • Items editing:
      • Item adding/removing
        • possibility to add event title
        • possibility to add event time
        • possibility to add event description
        • possibility to add/remove event speaker
          • add/remove the speaker photo
          • edit the speaker name
          • edit speaker job role
        • possibility to add/remove company

I case of any questions - please reach out our support