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Are you already taking advantage of all the sales opportunities that the Marketplace offers you?

Sales teams effectiveness audit

Effectiveness audit of your teams. If you would like to increase sales results and make sure how your sales teams perform their tasks and work standards, sales teams effectiveness audit is perfect for you.

What will we verify during the audit?

  • labor standards
  • planning mode and efficiency
  • level of organization
  • level of motivation and control
  • the manner and quality of business talks
  • any aspects of sales relevant for your industry/company agreed with you

What will you learn?

  • After the audit, you will find out how salespeople and standards of work in your organization are performing.
  • If the opportunities offered by the market are taken advantage of
  • You will receive recommendations for action to achieve even better sales results
  • You will also receive information on important aspects of your sales team performance, which we will define before the audit begins.

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Audyt zespołów handlowych

Sales talk - solutions to increase the effectiveness of sales teams

Rozmowa handlowa

Do your sales teams use best practices during business talks? Is it true that all of them conduct business talks in an optimal way for your business? Did you know that by introducing additional elements and perhaps additional tools you will achieve better results?

What will we focus on?

  • The entire sales process – from the first contact with a potential customer to the closing of the transaction
  • The quality and type of materials available to dealers
  • How to conduct a conversation and deliver commercial information
  • The tools at your disposal and how to use them

What will you learn and what will you gain?

  • Knowledge about the mode and quality of business talks
  • Recommendations for optimizing the sales process and sales talks
  • Analysis of the use of sales tools currently available in your company
  • Recommendation of tools that would help to improve work and increase sales results

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Preparation of content and sales presentations

Don't you have the impression that every sales team  uses different content? Are you sure that your sales presentations are prepared in an optimal way? When in doubt, you should contact us.

What will we focus on?

  • Analysis of available sales and commercial content
  • Preparation of presentations and content in a form supporting the sales activities and the achievement of objectives
  • Methodology of providing sales teams with content that is always up to date
  • Support tools worth implementing

What do you gain?

  • Ready-made content and sales presentations adapted to the needs of your sales teams
  • Recommendation of tools that would help to improve work and increase sales results
  • Implementation of the tools you consider an added value for your business
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Materiały i prezentacje handlowe

Workshops - using content and support tools in the sales process

Szkolenia i warsztaty

If you already have content, presentations and tools to support sales but you are not sure if your sales teams are able to use them effectively, perhaps you should consider implementing our training solution.

What will we focus on?

  • Knowledge and skills for sales teams in the area of sales tools
  • Taking advantage of available content and presentations
  • Communication modes

What do you gain?
  • Coherent communication
  • Improving sales teams skills by using best practices in the company and on the market
  • Confidence in using content which is as up to date as possible
  • Increase in sales as a result!

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