Pop-up management and display solution integrated with Oracle Eloqua




Grow Poland created a pop-up management and display solution integrated with Oracle Eloqua. It enables presenting pop-ups to both contacts and visitors who do not yet have a record in Contacts ELQ. To build a unique marketing impact, we can use:

1. All possibilities of standard pop-up

2. ELQ functionality:

  • Landing page
  • Forms and form processing steps
  • Segments (for contacts)
  • Campaigns
  • Data programs

Defining pop-up is done in Eloqua and the pop-up management panel created by Grow.

Pop-up control codes can be pasted directly on the relevant websites or done using Google Tag Manager.

In case of complicated definitions determining on which subpages of the website pop-up is to be active - you can use RegEx write formulas.


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1. Grow solution allows you to define the following pop-up types:

  • On start - when you start viewing a given website, immediately or with a definable delay
  • On scroll - when scrolling the page by an assumed number of pixels
  • On exit - when leaving the website by the viewer.


2. More than one pop-up of a given type can be used for the same page. Defining priorities allows to display many different pop-ups for a given page, e.g. "on start".


3. You can define different display rules for the visitor:

  • Always
  • In the range - e.g. display pop-up from the third to the fifth display of a given page to a visitor
  • In intervals - e.g., show a given visitor a pop-up every third page display

4. You can also define how the display counter works. It can work in two ways:

  • during a single visit,
  • whether during a browser session (3.5 h) - if the user returns to the site within 3.5 h, we can count it as one visit.

5. The adopted solutions also allow us to control how many times a given visitor is supposed to see a given pop-up in his/her whole life on our pages. We use a unique Eloqua identifier contained in the system cookie.


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1. Pop-up management for both Contacts and Visitors. We use the full range of Eloqua Tracking functionality.

2. Use the full functionality of Eloqua landing page to create a pop-up look and feel.

  • To optimize the code and interaction with web browsers we use one ELQ LP for desktop and another for pop-up for mobile phone browsers. We use LP in ELQ - we use all LP functionality, change LP, change pop-up.
  • In the pop-up, you can post an Eloqua form. This makes possible:
    - use all Eloqua Form Processing Steps,
    - saving information about interaction of a given contact or a new contact in a selected data object (including Custom Data Objects).

3. To increase the possibility of building unique and individualized interactions with a given contact, we use the following Eloqua functionalities: Segmenting, Lead Scoring, Shared Filters, Shared Lists, Campaigns and Data Programs.

4. The information about pop-up interactions can be used to build a richer set of data and a more complete picture of the contact. The information stored in Eloqua about pop-up reactions can be further segmented or processed in the system.

5. If necessary, pop-up interactions can also be seen in Eloqua Contact Details or in Eloqua Sales Tools - in the Profiler or in the Outlook embedded Profiler.

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1. You can also manage the content of LP marketing consents through pop-up; you can have more than one consent - we use the entire ELQ Form functionality.

  • You can use all ELQ Form Processing Steps logics.
  • We pass the data on to the contact or create a new.


Popup installation possibilities

1. The installation of the software is normally carried out on your company servers, but it is possible to install the software on Grow servers or other servers indicated by you.

2. On the basis of an individual order and additional requirements, it is also possible to expand the current functionalities to meet additional non-standard needs.


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